1 April 1976 Optical and Magnetic Digital Recording-A Comparative Review
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The current trend in high density data storage is toward increased utilization of digital recording and processing techniques. In support of this trend, a review is made of the relative capabilities of optical and magnetic methods. Present technology and future capabilities are appraised on the basis of fundamental considerations dealing with both discrete and composite recordings, area and volume data packing densities, noise and error rates, spatial wavelengths and bandwidths, and data permanence. The two recording methods competitively overlap in very few areas, but do demonstrate separate distinct advantages in specific applications.
Samuel Bousky, Samuel Bousky, } "Optical and Magnetic Digital Recording-A Comparative Review," Optical Engineering 15(2), 152109 (1 April 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971928 . Submission:

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