1 August 1976 An Automated Miniaturized Haploscope for Testing Binocular Visual Function
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A computer-controlled binocular vision testing device has been developed as one part of a system designed for NASA to test the vision of astronauts during spaceflight. The .device, called the Mark III Haploscope, utilizes semi-automated psychophysical test procedures to measure visual acuity, stereopsis, phorias, fixation disparity and accommodation/convergence relation-ships. All tests are self-administered, yield quantitative data and may be used repeatedly without subject memorization. Future applications of this programmable, compact device include its use as a clinical instrument to perform routine eye examina-tions or vision screening, and as a research tool to examine the effects of environment or work-cycle upon visual function.
Thomas A. Decker, Thomas A. Decker, Robert E. Williams, Robert E. Williams, Christian L. Kuether, Christian L. Kuether, Diane Wyman-Cornsweet, Diane Wyman-Cornsweet, } "An Automated Miniaturized Haploscope for Testing Binocular Visual Function," Optical Engineering 15(4), 154296 (1 August 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971979 . Submission:


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