1 August 1976 Characteristics and Limitations of Photographic Films Used in Subtraction Radiography
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An investigation was made to evaluate currently used subtraction radiography techniques. The first order subtraction technique was found to be adequate for conventional clinical use. However when using fine-grain high contrast films for the originals, the second order technique gave a more accurate subtraction image. The limiting factor in the sensitivity of the radiographic subtraction technique for detecting small contrast changes over an area of about 2 cm in diameter was found to be film noise and not quantum statistics. Extra-fine-grain films were compared with conventionally used films. While these extra-fine-grain films gave slightly better results, they also required x-ray exposures which would be too high for routine clinical use.
Michael G. Ort, Michael G. Ort, Earle C. Gregg, Earle C. Gregg, } "Characteristics and Limitations of Photographic Films Used in Subtraction Radiography," Optical Engineering 15(4), 154349 (1 August 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971991 . Submission:

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