1 October 1976 Some Thoughts on Lens Mounting
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The mounting of lenses is a major consideration in the manufacture of lenses. The design of the mount, the material used and the manufacturing methods can all significantly affect the performance, cost and profit margin in lens making. Various methods of mounting will be described and some ideas for improvement will be presented. The suggested improvements are based on the observation that the optical shop is a hostile environment for precision instruments and machines. The grinding materials and liquids are ruinous to precision tools. The one process in lens making that is unique to lens making is the degree of concentration on polishing spherical surfaces. To optimize the manufacturing process one should consider reducing precision requirements as much as possible in all the steps except for the polishing. This thinking leads to looking at new methods of assembly which can be done in clean room conditions. Modern epoxy cements, inch worms, interferometers, and minicomputer control units can be used in assembly to short cut the need for precision lens shaping and tight mounting tolerances.
Robert E. Hopkins, "Some Thoughts on Lens Mounting," Optical Engineering 15(5), 155428 (1 October 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972014 . Submission:


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