1 October 1976 Fabricating Infrared Optics
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The tolerances on optical components used in multicomponent infrared systems handling large power levels may be comparable to or even more severe than those commonly used in high quality optics for the visible spectral region. In addition, the optician may be asked to polish unconventional materials in such a way as to obtain minimum surface absorption and high laser damage resistance as well as good optical figure. Minimum microroughness and scratch density are also often required both for components used in infrared lasers and for more conventional applications where scattered light is the primary concern. Fortunately, techniques are being developed which satisfy these often conflicting requirements to a large degree.
H. E. Bennett, H. E. Bennett, M. J. Soileau, M. J. Soileau, } "Fabricating Infrared Optics," Optical Engineering 15(5), 155442 (1 October 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972017 . Submission:

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