1 December 1976 A Passive Thermal Screen for Infrared Scene Simulation
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The objective of the investigation described here was to determine the feasibility of an infrared (8-14 pm) scene simulation concept; the concept is called a PTS (Passive Thermal Screen). It is passive because it does not contain any heat generating elements, but receives its energy from a visible image that is cast upon its working surface by a slide (or motion picture) projector, instead. Measurement data presented show that thermal contrasts of up to 16 C can be produced using bar pattern images and an input irradiance of 0.09 W/cm2. Contrast and temporal response measurements were made using a Thermo-vision infrared imaging camera (and display) in combination with a magnetic-disc recorder. The most severe problem area that remains before the concept can be put to practical use as part of a full-scale IR simulator is that of producing input slides that can accommodate the high radiance levels required of the projector.
W. H. Purdy, W. H. Purdy, Walter E. Woehl, Walter E. Woehl, } "A Passive Thermal Screen for Infrared Scene Simulation," Optical Engineering 15(6), 156554 (1 December 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972042 . Submission:

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