1 December 1976 Forum
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This column is a review of the seminar on Modern Utilization of Infrared Technology, which was held in San Diego on August 26-27, 1976. Separate sessions were devoted to (I) Infrared Astronomy, Captain Robert H. Weber, USAF(SAMSO), Chairman; (2) Infrared Methodology as Applied to Environmental Monitoring, Claus B. Ludwig, Science Applications, Inc., Chairman; (3) Military Applications, Captain Howard Stears, USAF(SAMS0), Chairman; (4) Infrared Applications, I.J. Spiro, Chairman. These sessions presented recent advancements in infrared astronomical instruments, methods of data processing, astronomical measurements, environmental monitoring instruments and techniques, charged coupled devices, and detectors, as well as many civilian and military applications.
Irving J. Spiro, Irving J. Spiro, } "Forum," Optical Engineering 15(6), 156583 (1 December 1976). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972045 . Submission:

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