1 February 1977 Acceptance Testing of a Computerized Tomographic Scanner
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Computerized tomographic scanners have gained quick and widespread acceptance in diagnostic radiological practice. The cost of such units is currently about a half million dollars. Technologically, they are one of the most complicated pieces of equipment to be found in a radiology department. Because of the cost and complexity, it seems logical to set up performance specifications, acceptance tests, and a quality assurance program for a CT scanner. Pertinent performance specifications are herein described and discussed. In order to assure that the CT unit does meet specifications, appropriate acceptance tests are likewise discussed. Finally, a basic quality assurance program is outlined with an indication of the tests to be performed and their time frequency.
J. Thomas Payne, J. Thomas Payne, Edwin C. McCullough, Edwin C. McCullough, Thomas Stone, Thomas Stone, Eugene Gedgaudas, Eugene Gedgaudas, "Acceptance Testing of a Computerized Tomographic Scanner," Optical Engineering 16(1), 160128 (1 February 1977). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972073 . Submission:

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