1 February 1977 A Night Sky Model for Satellite Search Systems
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The necessary information to make a model of the night sky background for systems calculations in faint satellite detection analysis is summarized and presented in easily usable form. The intensities, wavelength dependences, and angular variations of airglow, zodiacal light, moonlight, and diffuse galactic light are tabulated. The number density of faint stars as a function of position and magnitude is summarized. Data on nebulae, clusters, and bright galaxies is referenced. A simple model of the galactic number density and angular size as a function of visible magnitude is presented. Atmospheric transmission corrections are referenced for general observers and given for a specific representative situation.
Gerald M. Daniels, Gerald M. Daniels, } "A Night Sky Model for Satellite Search Systems," Optical Engineering 16(1), 160166 (1 February 1977). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972078 . Submission:

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