1 February 1978 Remote Measurement of Gases Using Differential-Absorption Lidar
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The differential-absorption lidar (DIAL) technique is recognized worldwide as being a sensitive and long-range method for making remote measurements of gases. This article summarizes the research performed at SRI on the infrared DIAL. A deuterium fluoride lidar was used for the remote measurement of integrated concentrations of HC1, CH4 , and N2 0 in a sample chamber between the lidar and a topographic target. A CO2 lidar was employed for range-resolved measurements of ambient water vapor using radiation backscattered from naturally occurring aerosols. Also, integrated concentrations of ambient ethylene were measured using a CO2 lidar system, and good agreement was obtained between lidar and in situ measured concentrations. Calculations indicate that range-resolved concentration profiles can be obtained for many gases at a range of 10 km using commercially available components.
Edward R. Murray, Edward R. Murray, } "Remote Measurement of Gases Using Differential-Absorption Lidar," Optical Engineering 17(1), 170130 (1 February 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972175 . Submission:

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