1 April 1978 Manufacturing Low Noise HeNe Lasers
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The problem of obtaining high yields in the manufacture of HeNe lasers is compounded as the number of specified performance parameters is increased. This problem is especially difficult when lasers have a low noise specification. Some common kinds of noise encountered in HeNe lasers are discussed along with ways of eliminating or reducing such noise. A case history describing improvements in performance and production yields of one laser model is given.
J. U. Eynon, J. U. Eynon, W. P. Kolb, W. P. Kolb, I. A. Ramsay, I. A. Ramsay, } "Manufacturing Low Noise HeNe Lasers," Optical Engineering 17(2), 172125 (1 April 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972196 . Submission:

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