1 April 1978 Surface and Optical Studies of Diamond-Turned and Other Metal Mirrors
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Intercomparison of the optical properties of diamond-turned, evaporated and sputtered metal mirrors is made with specific reference to surface and bulk physical structure. In most applications, absorption and scattered light are important optical parameters. Both of these characteristics are directly related to surface microtopography which is a direct product of the finishing methods employed. For laser applications, the threshold for damage is also often critical. The properties influencing laser damage include surface microtopography, as well as bulk physical and chemical structure. Diamond turning, in addition to its very attractive manufacturing advantages, can produce optically superior components. Nearly intrinsic values of pulsed laser damage threshold and absorption have been measured on diamond-turned copper mirrors.
D. L. Decker, D. L. Decker, J. M. Bennett, J. M. Bennett, M. J. Soileau, M. J. Soileau, J. O. Porteus, J. O. Porteus, H. E. Bennett, H. E. Bennett, } "Surface and Optical Studies of Diamond-Turned and Other Metal Mirrors," Optical Engineering 17(2), 172160 (1 April 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972204 . Submission:

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