1 June 1978 Material Processing With High Power Lasers
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High power lasers are cost-effective tools for material processing. These industrial machines are being introduced and used in an increasing number of metalworking applications. High power lasers can provide improved processing when compared with other metalworking methods and offer advanced techniques for the future. A laser beam can produce a deep, narrow weld zone at high rates and with low distortion. Transformation hardening can achieve depths of 0.5 mm at rates of 1100 mm2/sec. Laser cladding can melt cladding or hardfacing metal onto a selected surface with dilutions as low as two percent. Laser alloying can modify the surface chemistry of a localized area on a part to resist wear and corrosion.
Richard A. Hella, Richard A. Hella, } "Material Processing With High Power Lasers," Optical Engineering 17(3), 173198 (1 June 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972216 . Submission:

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