1 June 1978 Transmissive Optics for High Power CO2 Lasers: Practical Considerations
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Optical Engineering, 17(3), 173225 (1978). doi:10.1117/12.7972220
Of all the problems which must be solved when designing or using a high power CO2 laser, those dealing with transmissive optical components (output mirrors, lenses, windows, and beam splitters) can be the most troublesome and costly. This paper discusses a number of topics meant to help the user avoid problems and cut expenses. Some practical reasons to choose one substrate material over another are presented. The physical phenomena which degrade performance of an optic when it becomes overheated are examined, and a simplified figure of merit analysis is used to predict which substrate material will perform best in a given application. Examples of common field problems and ways to control these problems are given. Finally, some specifications important to the selection of lenses and beam splitters for lasers are reviewed.
Glenn H. Sherman, Gene F. Frazier, "Transmissive Optics for High Power CO2 Lasers: Practical Considerations," Optical Engineering 17(3), 173225 (1 June 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972220

Carbon dioxide lasers

High power lasers

Beam splitters



Optical components

Physical phenomena

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