1 August 1978 Radiologic Decision Making And Physical Image Properties
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The objective of this work is to relate the performance of radiologists as measured by the probability of detecting a nodular abnormality on a chest film to the properties of the nodule and its surrounding structures measured by a microdensitometer from the film. A parameter called conspicuity has been defined. It consists of measurements of the size, shape, contrast, and the edge gradient of the nodule divided by a measurement of the complexity of the surrounding structures that tend to camouflage the nodule. Conspicuity has been measured for simulated nodules and for a series of real nodules that were originally missed in clinical practice but later detected. Correlation between film reader performance and conspicuity was found.
Harold L. Kundel, "Radiologic Decision Making And Physical Image Properties," Optical Engineering 17(4), 174393 (1 August 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972249 . Submission:

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