1 October 1978 Internal-Reflection-Spectroscopy Studies Of Thin Films And Surfaces
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Internal-reflection spectroscopy has found considerable use in the infrared for studying vibration-band properties, optical constants, surface electromagnetic waves, and guided modes in thin-film channels. This paper discusses the principal ideas, including the forms of the evanescent waves and the effects of refractive indices and absorption coefficients of various magnitudes, for various prism-sample combinations--for example, prism pressed against bulk sample, prism separated slightly from sample and prism with thin film. Also discussed are examples of applications of the techniques to the studies of (a) vibration bands in opaque materials and thin films, (b) molecules adsorbed to surfaces, (c) Raman scattering in thin films, (d) fluorescence in thin films and (e) surface plasmons on bulk metal surfaces and on thin films.
E. D. Palik, E. D. Palik, R. T. Holm, R. T. Holm, } "Internal-Reflection-Spectroscopy Studies Of Thin Films And Surfaces," Optical Engineering 17(5), 175512 (1 October 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972271 . Submission:

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