1 December 1978 Quaternary Alloy Infrared Heterojunction Detectors
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Single heterojunction photodiodes suitable for the 1.0 to 1.3 pm spectral region of interest for fiber optics communication have been prepared from lattice-matched p-type epilayers of the quaternary III-V alloy semiconductor InGaAsP on n-type InP substrates. The characteristics of these heterojunctions are demonstrated by mesa photodiodes made from Zn-doped epilayers of composition In0.84Ga0.16Aso.34P0.66 on Sn-doped InP. Their room temperature spectral response extends from the ~0.96 um self-filtering cutoff of the InP substrate to (~1.13 um determined by the bandgap of this particular quaternary composition. Responsivities of 0.46 A/W and external quantum efficiencies of 0.54 are measured at 1.05 um.
A. R. Clawson, W. Y. Lum, H. H. Wieder, "Quaternary Alloy Infrared Heterojunction Detectors," Optical Engineering 17(6), 176666 (1 December 1978). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972302 . Submission:

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