1 June 1979 A High Resolution Holographic Particle Sizing System
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This paper will review briefly the requirements of holography with respect to particle sizing techniques. A holographic construction system and the appropriate reconstruction system will be discussed regarding their characteristics and performance (i.e. system resolution, magnification, system aberration and correction of aberrations, and maximum total test volume). The capabilities of a commercial particle sizing system used to obtain particle sizes and distribution information from reconstructed holograms will be described and characterized. It will be shown that by using the methods described, high resolution throughout large test volumes can be achieved.
William K. Witherow, William K. Witherow, } "A High Resolution Holographic Particle Sizing System," Optical Engineering 18(3), 183249 (1 June 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972363 . Submission:

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