1 June 1979 Minicomputer Applications In Automated Testing Of Electro-Optical Guidance Systems
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An Automated Laser Seeker Performance Evaluation System (ALSPES) has been developed at the US Army Missile Research and Development Command (USAMIRADCOM) which utilizes a minicomputer to implement the control functions required to test electro-optical (E /0) guidance systems. Software programs have been written for a series of tests which fully evaluate E /0 seeker performance. Test conditions are fed into a CRT terminal and the minicomputer conducts a fully automated, "hands-off" test by varying such parameters as laser energy, target position and velocity, seeker position and angular rate, and time separation between targets. This paper discusses the types of automated tests performed, the electro-optical test equipment utilized and the layout of the test facility, the minicomputer to test equipment interface, and the cost savings resulting from the development of this automated test facility.
Ray W. Schneider, Ray W. Schneider, } "Minicomputer Applications In Automated Testing Of Electro-Optical Guidance Systems," Optical Engineering 18(3), 183298 (1 June 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972370 . Submission:


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