1 June 1979 A Variable Optical Target Simulator
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A crucial experiment, relative to determining the ability of an imaging seeker to track a target and generate accurate terminal guidance, requires an optical device which can provide imagery that grows in size as a real-time estimate of true missile flight conditions. The basic components of an Optical Contrast TV Imaging Seeker are reviewed to establish the need for an optical target simulator. An optomechanical device called a Variable Optical Target Simulator (VOTS) which generates end game scene situations is discussed. The organization of optical components and their control for providing an image which grows in size as a linear estimate of real world situations is presented.
C. E. Kulas, E. D. Crosswhite, "A Variable Optical Target Simulator," Optical Engineering 18(3), 183303 (1 June 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972371 . Submission:


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