1 August 1979 Comparison of LAMP and BLAZER Code Calculations With TRW CL XV Measurements
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A detailed fluid mechanics and optical analysis has been completed for the TRW CL XV chemical laser nozzle. This nozzle configuration incorporates contoured supersonic "trip flows" to enhance the mixing of the two streams. The results presented were obtained from a two-part study, the first of which investigated the detailed fluid mechanics and chemistry of the gain regions with simplified optics and the second of which included a detailed physical optics analysis with a simplified fluid mechanics model. In the former, the LAMP computer code was utilized and in the latter the MRO and BLAZER codes were used. The chief interaction between the two parts was the development of the fluid mechanics model in the MRO/BLAZER computer codes from the results of the detailed fluid mechanics analysis. The results obtained compare favorably with measurements which have been made in experiments at TRW. These include small signal gain profiles, chemiluminescence results, power distributions and the flow field pressure measurements.
D. O'Keefe, D. O'Keefe, T. Sugimura, T. Sugimura, W. Behrens., W. Behrens., D. Bullock, D. Bullock, D. Dee, D. Dee, } "Comparison of LAMP and BLAZER Code Calculations With TRW CL XV Measurements," Optical Engineering 18(4), 184363 (1 August 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972386 . Submission:

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