1 August 1979 Computer-Controlled Laser Beams In Object Dimension Measurements
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This paper describes some general features of a computer-controlled laser system for noncontact measurements of dimensions of objects. The laser beams are scanned over the object and a system of detectors mounted behind the object detects whether the beams are shadowed by the object or not. The detector signals are converted to digital values and transferred to a minicomputer, where they are processed. This may require special software to allow the dimensional data to be presented in real time. An ex-perimental system with a HeNe laser and controlled by an HP 21MX minicomputer has been built and tested. At a rate of 100 measurements per second the systematic error is in the order of 1 mm for absolute measurements and 0.1 mm for relative measurements. The imprecision is about 0.1 mm for both cases.
J. Johansson, J. Johansson, C. O. Falt, C. O. Falt, S. T. Eng, S. T. Eng, } "Computer-Controlled Laser Beams In Object Dimension Measurements," Optical Engineering 18(4), 184384 (1 August 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972390 . Submission:

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