1 August 1979 Beam Pointing Control System For Visible To Infrared Wavelengths
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A dynamic beam pointing system capable of stabilization of beam motion has been assembled and partly tested. The system uses bismuth photopot position detectors, closed loop control elec-tronics, and a two-axis active mirror/mount. The system is capable of automatically maintaining a preset optical alignment. Measurements are presented that represent the system (position detector, electronics, and the dynamic mirror/mount) perfor-mance in terms of ability to stabilize a moving infrared beam in one axis (dc - 300 Hz). In addition, the frequency response and phase delay for the detectors tested are presented. A CO2 laser provided an infrared signal at 10.6 microns with adjustable power between .25 -1.0 watt. Controlled amounts of beam direction change (beam jitter) were induced by a second two-axis dynamic mirror/mount.
S. Aiken, S. Aiken, M. Clancy, M. Clancy, E. Erdelyi, E. Erdelyi, } "Beam Pointing Control System For Visible To Infrared Wavelengths," Optical Engineering 18(4), 184440 (1 August 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972401 . Submission:

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