1 December 1979 Twenty-Five-Inch Precision Color Display For Simulator Visual Systems
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Optical Engineering, 18(6), 186630 (1979). doi:10.1117/12.7972445
This paper describes the development of a high-resolution 25-inch color display for simulator visual systems. One of the unique features of the display is the incorporation of a microprocessor-based digital convergence system capable of achieving absolute convergence at 256 points. This system permits the operator to adjust convergence, geometry, size, position, brightness, and contrast of the display through the simulator optics system by means of a remote-control unit. This feature can be used to correct for color aberrations of the optics as well as the normal misregistration (misconvergence) associated with color cathode ray tubes (CRTs). Linear feedback amplifiers are used in the display to achieve superior long-term convergence stability. The control functions available include not only the normal red, green, and blue adjustments but also dynamic blue-lateral control. These unique design features greatly simplify the convergence- and geometry-correction process; and, as a result, a relatively unskilled operator can accomplish precision registration of a simulator visual system, even with a matrix of color displays.
R. E. Holmes, J. A. Mays, "Twenty-Five-Inch Precision Color Display For Simulator Visual Systems," Optical Engineering 18(6), 186630 (1 December 1979). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972445


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