1 February 1980 Pulsed Infrared Laser-Induced Organic Chemical Reactions
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This article is meant to serve as a brief introduction/review for non-laser chemists of the application of intense, pulsed infrared laser radiation to organic molecules. The topics discussed demonstrate that pulsed infrared laser radiation in many instances is a unique method of inducing or augmenting organic reactions and does not merely resemble conventional heating processes. Examples are presented of laser-specific molecular selectivity, laser-controlled chemical equilibria, inducement of the high energy reaction channel in bifunctional reactants, sensitized organic reactions, and reactions in solids and at gas-solid interfaces. It is obvious from the relatively few literature reports that the application of infrared laser photochemistry to organic chemical systems is in its infancy.
Wayne C. Danen, Wayne C. Danen, } "Pulsed Infrared Laser-Induced Organic Chemical Reactions," Optical Engineering 19(1), 191021 (1 February 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972465 . Submission:

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