1 February 1980 Spectroscopic Investigations Of Group IV-A Fluorides As Chemical Laser Candidates
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Results of experiments to determine the laser potential of diatomic Group IV-A fluorides SiF, GeF, and SnF are presented. This class of molecules is characterized 1/2,3/2 ground state terms. The amount of spin-orbit splitting of the two terms ranges from 162 cm-1 in SiF to 2317 cm-1 in SnF. The first excited state in these molecules is an AzI state, which in GeF and SnF is slightly metastable. Several reaction schemes are known which chemically produce excited states in SiF, GeF, and SnF. Thus, the possibility exists for laser action on the A2E X2 3/2 systems in GeF and SnF. In SiF, there is a highly metastable a4E level which lies above the A2E state. Results of efforts to produce laser action on the A4E A2W system in SiF are presented. Techniques described in this work include chemiluminescence and laser induced fluorescence.
G. R. Bradburn, G. R. Bradburn, R. A. Armstrong, R. A. Armstrong, S. J. Davis, S. J. Davis, } "Spectroscopic Investigations Of Group IV-A Fluorides As Chemical Laser Candidates," Optical Engineering 19(1), 191066 (1 February 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972470 . Submission:

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