1 February 1980 Rotating Aperture Wheel (RAW) Device For Improving Radiographic Contrast
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A Rotating Aperture Wheel (RAW) technology is under development which involves replacing a grid for scatter elimination with an assembly of one fore and two aft lead aperture wheels which are rotated to maintain the alignment between the slit or aperture pattern of each. Such a design has the unique feature that its motion can be made independent of the x-ray exposure time and duration allowing for the first time the practical use of a moving slit anti-scatter technique in rapid sequence and dynamic radiographic procedures. The technology is flexible as to lend itself toward use with varying source-to-image receptor distances (SIDs) such as are involved in fluoroscopy.
Stephen Rudin, Stephen Rudin, } "Rotating Aperture Wheel (RAW) Device For Improving Radiographic Contrast," Optical Engineering 19(1), 191132 (1 February 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972478 . Submission:

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