1 June 1980 Digital Image Change Detection
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Multiple views of a scene generally contain informa-tion that is implicit in the differences between the views. Such information can be of great interest when images are taken under different conditions or at different times, as it may provide insight into underlying physical or biological processes. Digital image change detection permits to detect and helps interpret such change information where the human observer otherwise fails. The method described here produces a "change image," which portrays image differences according to a simple convention. In the change image, previously invisible differences clearly stand out, often in meaningful patterns, and they can be further enhanced for easy visual interpretation. Examples are presented of this method applied successfully in widely different fields - remote sensing, radiology, nuclear medicine - illustrating the potential of digital image change detection, and also suggesting further avenues of research.
Werner Frei, Werner Frei, Manbir Singh, Manbir Singh, Tsutomu Shibata, Tsutomu Shibata, } "Digital Image Change Detection," Optical Engineering 19(3), 193331 (1 June 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972517 . Submission:

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