1 August 1980 Optical Bistable Devices: The Basic Components Of All-Optical Systems?
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Optical Engineering, 19(4), 194463 (1980). doi:10.1117/12.7972544
Intrinsic optical bistability experiments are reviewed and their contributions summarized. Very large nonlinearities in semiconductors give reason to hope that practical devices may evolve in the near future. Characteristics important for practical optical logic devices are discussed: size, temperature range, holding intensity, switching energy, switching times, and wavelength range and stability.
H. M. Gibbs, S. L. McCall, T. N. C. Venkatesan, "Optical Bistable Devices: The Basic Components Of All-Optical Systems?," Optical Engineering 19(4), 194463 (1 August 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972544


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