1 October 1980 Laser Beam Scanners Constructed From Volume Holograms
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We combine the scan flexibility of computer-generated holographic laser beam scanners with the high diffraction efficiency of volume phase holograms to produce a new type of "holo-scanner." The scanner-hologram consists of numerous, small, volume hologram facets recorded in dichromated gelatin films and produces an arbitrary output pattern with greater than 90% light efficiency. Experimental results for discrete point, continuous line, and 3-D scanners are shown. Multiwavelength and materials processing scanners are also considered.
Steven K. Case, Volker Gerbig, "Laser Beam Scanners Constructed From Volume Holograms," Optical Engineering 19(5), 195711 (1 October 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972592 . Submission:


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