1 October 1980 Fixed Pattern Noise Compensation Techniques For Staring Infrared Focal Planes
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To utilize the full performance advantages of staring infrared imaging systems currently under development, it is necessary to compensate for the characteristic fixed pattern "noise" which is present at the output from these infrared focal planes. Since many of the applications for staring sensor systems require low power dissipation configurations, it is necessary to develop automatic nonuniformity compensation electronics which have much lower power dissipation requirements than conventional digital compensation techniques. This paper discusses the sources of the nonuniformities and describes the typical characteristics of elevated temperature staring arrays. An analysis is given which shows how detector/charge-coupled device electrical coupling techniques strongly influence the compensation implementation, and finally a review of circuit configurations for the compensation function will be given which shows that very low power dissipation circuitry can be developed which meets the performance power dissipation requirements.
C. L. Carrison, C. L. Carrison, N. A. Foss, N. A. Foss, } "Fixed Pattern Noise Compensation Techniques For Staring Infrared Focal Planes," Optical Engineering 19(5), 195753 (1 October 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972599 . Submission:


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