1 December 1980 Heterodyne Interferometric Method For Profiling Recorded Moire Interferograms
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This paper describes a method by which recorded moire interferog rams of diffuse, nonoptical surfaces may be processed using the principle of optical phase measurement by heterodyne interferometry. In this method, a moire interferogram is recorded and processed as a transparency. The resulting interferogram is equivalent to a low spatial frequency optical hologram. An optical wavefront whose phase variations are proportional to the original surface height variations can be reconstructed from a plane wavefront and interfered with a second coherent plane wavefront of slightly different optical frequency, resulting in an interferogram appropriate for measurement by temporal electronic phase measurement. The results compare favorably to direct contact measurements.
R. N. Shagam, R. N. Shagam, } "Heterodyne Interferometric Method For Profiling Recorded Moire Interferograms," Optical Engineering 19(6), 196806 (1 December 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972615 . Submission:

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