1 December 1980 Shiva Target Alignment And Viewing Instrument
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Optical Engineering, 19(6), 196878 (1980). doi:10.1117/12.7972628
To view and align Shiva laser targets, two telemicroscopic instruments have been designed; one is a single field instrument and the other a multiple field instrument. Each instrument is integral with a TV camera and HeNe laser illuminator. The common feature of the instruments is the capability of imaging both the large surrogate target (5 mm diameter) and the laser fusion target (0.250 mm diameter) with the same resolution (better than 7 um). Both instruments have an optical relay which images the targets on a fixed reference reticle so that both the surrogate target and the fusion target can be centered on the same reference point. The single field instrument reimages the reticle plane onto the TV detector using a zoom arrangement. The TV camera zoom assembly can be translated in three axes and is thereby capable of exploring an object-space volume of 1cm3 without moving either the relay optical train or the reference reticle. In the multiple field instrument the reticle plane is reimaged by a zoom lens and this enlarged image is relayed to the TV detector by a cluster of five lenses. Four lateral lenses image the periphery of the surrogate target and the reticle for coincidence. The central objective images the center of the reticle and the fusion target when it is centered.
J. A. Monjes, K. R. Manes, W. C. O'Neal, F. Rienecker, "Shiva Target Alignment And Viewing Instrument," Optical Engineering 19(6), 196878 (1 December 1980). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972628


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