1 July 1964 The U. S. Naval Ordnance Test Station's. Experimental Tracking Error Detector
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An automatic tracking system which encompasses the capability of recording the target offset from the optic axis of the tracking instrument directly in binary form on magnetic tape is presently being developed at NOTS. This system is designed to operate on the video signal and raster pulses from any closed-circuit TV, either vidicon or image orthicon. Counting lines from the top of the frame to that on which the desired video signal occurs gives the vertical position of the target in the frame, while a second high-speed counter records pulses from a self-contained clock-oscillator during the interval between the target pulse and the end of the TV line on which it occurs. Digital-to-analog conversion utilizes the stored counts to provide control voltages for an amplidyne-driven mount. Operating characteristics are discussed; test results are presented and analyzed.
Julian L Thompson, "The U. S. Naval Ordnance Test Station's. Experimental Tracking Error Detector," Optical Engineering 2(5), 205175 (1 July 1964). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7971278 . Submission:

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