1 April 1981 Hybrid Holographic Interferometer For Measuring Three-Dimensional Deformations
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A method for automatically measuring the three-dimensional (3-D) deformations of a diffuse surface is studied, using a real-time holographic interferometer and a television-computer system. The object surface is illuminated from three different directions. The scattered waves are recorded on a thermoplastic hologram. Real-time holographic interference patterns are observed through the hologram in a fixed direction by sequentially applying the three illuminating beams. The three fringe patterns are put into the computer using a television (TV) camera. The relative fringe order numbers are determined over the whole surface. Calculations for obtaining 3-D deformation distributions are performed, and the results are displayed on a cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor.
Suazou Nakadate, Suazou Nakadate, Nobutaka Magome, Nobutaka Magome, Toshio Honda, Toshio Honda, Jumpei Tsujiuchi, Jumpei Tsujiuchi, } "Hybrid Holographic Interferometer For Measuring Three-Dimensional Deformations," Optical Engineering 20(2), 202246 (1 April 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972699 . Submission:

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