1 April 1981 Discrete Actuator Deformable Mirror
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A discrete actuator deformable surface device, which provides as much as 12 pm of surface deformation using ±1 kV, has been developed at Itek. The discrete actuator device, made from bonded layers of piezoelectric discs, has been continuously exercised for a period of several hundred hours. No change in surface figure was observed even using a dilatation level of 6 microns. By employing both optical and electrical techniques, the fundamental mechanical resonance has been measured and found to depend upon the boundary condition in a complicated manner.
J. H. Everson, J. H. Everson, R. E. Aldrich, R. E. Aldrich, N. P. Albertinetti, N. P. Albertinetti, } "Discrete Actuator Deformable Mirror," Optical Engineering 20(2), 202316 (1 April 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972710 . Submission:

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