1 August 1981 Giant Pulse Laser Raman Probe For Low Gas Concentration Detection
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A giant pulse laser Raman probe suitable for gas concentration detection below 100 ppm with high local (0.6 mm3) and temporal (pulse width 20 ns) resolution is presented. Concentration values of some selected gaseous pollutants have been detected in pure gases and in adjusted gas mixtures ranging from the pure component (106 um) down to measured 65 um. For test conditions under atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature concentration, values of 100 ppm were measured with an accuracy of ± 100%. When the local resolution was not required to be so high-measurement volume about 500 mm3-concentration values of 65 ppm could be detected with an accuracy of about ± 30%.
Alfred Leipertz, Alfred Leipertz, Martin Fiebig, Martin Fiebig, } "Giant Pulse Laser Raman Probe For Low Gas Concentration Detection," Optical Engineering 20(4), 204599 (1 August 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972769 . Submission:

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