1 August 1981 Analysis Of A Satellite Interferometer System (SIS)
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A satellite interferometer system (SIS) utilizing 1 O laser heterodyne systems has been investigated. In its simplest form, the system consists of a pair of satellites, one in a polar orbit and the other in a synchronous orbit. The spatial frequencies covered in a twelve hour observing period extend upward from the inverse of the earth's diameter, corresponding to a resolution of 10-12 radians. Absolute phase, corresponding to the constantly changing baseline between the two satellites, is measured by a simultaneous heterodyning of a calibration laser traversing the distance between the two satellites. The orienta-tion of the baselines is recorded from timing and sequencing the data, with corrections for time dilation and other perturbations.
Peter R. Silverglate, Peter R. Silverglate, } "Analysis Of A Satellite Interferometer System (SIS)," Optical Engineering 20(4), 204621 (1 August 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972773 . Submission:

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