1 October 1981 Wavelength Scaling Holographic Elements
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A simple technique to generate holographic optical elements with diffraction-limited performance at a wavelength different from the construction wavelength has been developed. The method consists of specifying the desired grating performance at the operating wavelength, selecting one construction beam, and utilizing a ray-trace program to compute the aberrated construction beam required to create the hologram. A lens capable of focusing this aberrated beam to a point may then be designed using ACCOS-5. A point source used with this lens thus serves to generate the second required construction beam. A sample design which may be used to construct, with 0.4579 um light, a grating to operate at 2.8 uM is presented.
Mark Malin, Mark Malin, Howard E. Morrow, Howard E. Morrow, } "Wavelength Scaling Holographic Elements," Optical Engineering 20(5), 205756 (1 October 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972804 . Submission:

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