1 October 1981 Intensification Of Rare-Gas Halide Lasers With Application To Laser Fusion
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The two techniques of backward-wave Raman pulse compression and pulse stacking are reviewed in the context of using KrF lasers as drivers in inertial confinement fusion. Experimental and theoretical results on Raman pulse compression in methane are presented including data on 70 to 75% pump energy extraction by the counterpropagating Stokes wave. Results from ongo-ing pulse stacker/Raman compressor experiments are also described, along with future investigations in this general area.
R. R. Jacobs, D. Eimerl, J. Goldhar, J. R. Murray, W. R. Rapoport, L. Schlitt, J. C. Swingle, "Intensification Of Rare-Gas Halide Lasers With Application To Laser Fusion," Optical Engineering 20(5), 205777 (1 October 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972809 . Submission:

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