1 October 1981 Radar Signal Processing: Digital, Charge-Coupled Device (CCD), Or Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)?
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Recent emphasis placed upon real-time coherent radar signal processing has fostered competition between digital, charge-coupled device (CCD) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) technologists. In that this stimulates and encourages technological advances, this competition is a healthy one; to the extent that the complementary rather than competitive properties of the technologies are not effectively utilized, the competition is counterproductive. The application of the various technologies to ground radar signal processors is investigated. The emergent theme emphasizes the fact that all signal processor tasks must be considered to properly assess the applicability of the various technologies; it is insufficient to compare signal processor implementations on the basis of a filtering function alone. To illustrate this viewpoint, examples of digital, CCD, and SAW signal processors are given.
Jerome Margolin, Paul G. McHugh, "Radar Signal Processing: Digital, Charge-Coupled Device (CCD), Or Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)?," Optical Engineering 20(5), 205795 (1 October 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972813 . Submission:


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