1 December 1981 High Resolution Multispectral Linear Focal Plane Using An Area Image Sensor
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A technique for building a high resolution linear focal plane using a single low resolution area detector array is described. A silicon area imager is fabricated with an opaque light shield layer having small clear apertures located over the detector elements which define the picture elements. By displacing the apertures sideways from one row of detectors to the next and using the array in conjunction with a multiline data buffer, a line scan resolution equal to the total number of detector elements in the area array is achieved. The design consider-ations and tradeoffs involved in using such a technique will be discussed. A practical realization of such a system will be shown which uses an array built with a 4 X 1024 element configuration to achieve 4096 resolution elements per line. Multispectral capability is achieved by using four such arrays fabricated on the same device with spectral filtering provided by patterned interference filters on the cover slip. Array output and results of device characterization will be shown.
Robert A. Sprague, Robert A. Sprague, William D. Turner, William D. Turner, } "High Resolution Multispectral Linear Focal Plane Using An Area Image Sensor," Optical Engineering 20(6), 206873 (1 December 1981). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972829 . Submission:

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