1 February 1982 Methods Of Sensitometry For Low Energy Radiography
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Inverse-square sensitometry for low kVp techniques is limited by air attenuation and beam hardening. It is thus difficult to obtain accurate H and D curves for mammographic screen-film combinations at technique factors used clinically. Methods are described for the determination of characteristic curves at low x-ray energies which provide composite intensity-scale curves using small changes in source-to-receptor distance and concomitant changes in either exposure time, beam attenuation, or kVp. H and D curves obtained at low kVp's using the various sensitometric approaches are compared with those obtained using inverse-square sensitometry; the relative merits of the different methods are discussed.
Daniel R. Bednarek, Stephen Rudin, Roland Wong, "Methods Of Sensitometry For Low Energy Radiography," Optical Engineering 21(1), 211105 (1 February 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972867 . Submission:


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