1 February 1982 Iterative Procedures For Signal Reconstruction From Fourier Transform Phase
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Recently, a set of conditions has been developed under which a sequence is uniquely specified by the phase or samples of the phase of its Fourier transform. These conditions are distinctly different from the minimum or maximum phase requirement and are applicable to both one-dimensional and multi-dimensional sequences. Under the specified conditions, several numerical algorithms have been developed to reconstruct a sequence from its phase. In this paper, we review the recent theoretical results pertaining to the phase-only reconstruction problem, and we discuss in detail two iterative numerical algorithms for performing the reconstrucction.
Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan V. Oppenheim, Monson H. Hayes, Monson H. Hayes, Jae S. Lim, Jae S. Lim, } "Iterative Procedures For Signal Reconstruction From Fourier Transform Phase," Optical Engineering 21(1), 211122 (1 February 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972871 . Submission:

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