1 April 1982 Phase Conjugation By Resonantly Enhanced Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing
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The use of resonantly enhanced four-wave mixing to generate high reflectivity phase-conjugate waves is discussed. A physical understanding of the mechanisms underlying the nonlinear response for a simple two-level system is presented followed by a discussion of the complicating effects of pump absorption, pump depletion, unbalanced pumps, and thermal motion. Modifications of the theory to describe four-level behavior are presented and compared with experiments. The application of nearly degenerate four-wave mixing to narrow-band filtering complicated by the A. C. Stark effect is dis-cussed along with examples of experimental observations.
R. C. Lind, R. C. Lind, D. G. Steel, D. G. Steel, G. J. Dunning, G. J. Dunning, } "Phase Conjugation By Resonantly Enhanced Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing," Optical Engineering 21(2), 212190 (1 April 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972883 . Submission:

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