1 April 1982 Partitioned Holographic Optical Elements
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A new type of holographic optical element is demonstrated which combines some of the flexibility of computer generated holograms with the large space-bandwidth product and high diffraction efficiency of interferometrically recorded volume phase holograms. The optical element is recorded by subdividing a volume hologram film surface into numerous small areas (facets), each of which is individually exposed under computer control. Each facet is used to produce a portion of the desired final wavefront. This new method allows the rapid production of high efficiency, customized, space-variant optical elements. A holographic cylindrical lens which has greater than 90% light efficiency and forms a line focus on a curved surface is demonstrated.
S. K. Case, P. R. Haugen, "Partitioned Holographic Optical Elements," Optical Engineering 21(2), 212352 (1 April 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972908 . Submission:

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