1 June 1982 Reflectance Of Ground Snow At Millimeter Wavelengths
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Radar cross sections per unit area of ground snow were calculated for linearly polarized incident radiation at 8.6, 17, 35, and 95 GHz. The snow was modeled as a plane-parallel medium consisting of ice grains immersed in a homogeneous substance having varying amounts of liquid water-like absorption. Individual ice grains were treated as independent Rayleigh scattering centers. Calculations of the radar cross sections were made using known solutions of the radiative transfer equation. These were then compared with experimental data. Curves are given which can be used to find radar cross sections once the grain size and the water content of the snow are known.
R. C. Anderson, R. C. Anderson, K. I. MacFeely, K. I. MacFeely, } "Reflectance Of Ground Snow At Millimeter Wavelengths," Optical Engineering 21(3), 213496 (1 June 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972936 . Submission:

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