1 June 1982 Submicron Grating Fabrication On Gaas By Holographic Exposure
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The laboratory techniques used for the fabrication of sub-micron gratings in GaAs are presented. A thin (~ 1250 A) film of Shipley AZ1450B photoresist on GaAs is exposed holographically with the use of the 4579 A line of an argon ion laser to produce gratings with a period of approximately 0.35 um. Data are presented that demonstrate the effects of variation of the following parameters: developer type, developer time, laser intensity, exposure time, photoresist thickness, and ion beam etching parameters. Grating efficiency measurements as a function of parameter variations indicate an optimum set of parameters for grating fabrication.
D. Heflinger, J. Kirk, R. Cordero, G. Evans, "Submicron Grating Fabrication On Gaas By Holographic Exposure," Optical Engineering 21(3), 213537 (1 June 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972942 . Submission:

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