1 June 1982 Ozone Air-Broadening Coefficients In The 9µm Region
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Air-broadening coefficients and line strengths are reported for selected ozone lines in the 8.8 to 10 um spectral region. These parameters were obtained from a least squares fit of the Voigt line shape to experimental ozone absorption spectra obtained with a tunable diode laser. Analysis of 11 lines in the vi and 18 lines in the v3 band suggest a transition-dependent coefficient although no definitive relationship was identified. The average air-broadening coefficient for the vi and v3 ozone lines is 0.077 and 0.083 cm-1/atm, respectively. The measured line strengths are typically 10% to a factor of two larger than those given in the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory compilation.
James M. Hoell, Charles N. Harward, Clayton H. Bair, Burnie S. Williams, "Ozone Air-Broadening Coefficients In The 9µm Region," Optical Engineering 21(3), 213548 (1 June 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972944 . Submission:

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