1 August 1982 Integrated Photoelasticity Of Axisymmetric Bodies
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The paper reviews integrated photoelastic methods for stress determination in axisymmetric bodies. The specimens are put in an immersion bath and viewed in a common transmission polariscope. If birefringence of the specimen is high, integral fringe pattern as well as quasi-isoclinics may be photographed. By point-by-point technique the characteristic directions as well as the characteristic phase retardation on a number of light rays are measured. This experimental data, often combined with the application of the equilibrium equations and macrostatic equilibrium conditions, permit one to determine stress distribution in the specimen. Investigation of stresses in isotropic speci-mens as well as in cubic single crystals is considered. A new method of determining stress in cylinders, including measurement of the angular deflec-tion of light rays, is described.
H. K. Aben, H. K. Aben, } "Integrated Photoelasticity Of Axisymmetric Bodies," Optical Engineering 21(4), 214689 (1 August 1982). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.7972965 . Submission:

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